Arman Molavi

Professionnal Photographer Paris

Arman Molavi photographe

During the course of his long career, Paris-based wedding photographer Arman Molavi has earned many accolades for his unique, natural, photojournalistic approach. Clients appreciate his fresh, exciting approach to wedding photography, which is enhanced by his considerable experience and credentials.

Arman is a graduate of ETPA in Toulouse, and he went on to teach photography there. Shortly thereafter, in 1992, he went to New York City to work as a fashion photographer, and his work was featured in many magazines. Around this time, an acquaintance asked if he was available to photograph her wedding. Although he’d never photographed such an event before, he decided to give it a try. At the time, most wedding photographers took a classic, approach that included the use of soft filters and other traditional elements. Arman went in an entirely different direction by employing a more artistic, photojournalistic style. His friend was thrilled with the resulting photos, and Arman’s career turned in an exciting new direction.

While Arman’s distinctive style and approach have put him on the map, he’s distinguished himself in a number of other ways as well. He has more than 20 years of experience in photography, has worked in fields as diverse as fashion and fine art and has also worked extensively in corporate photography. Arman has photographed events around France and the world and continues to be available for projects around the globe. His works have been exhibited at prestigious institutions like Le Jardin du Luxembourg, Galerie Municipale du Chateau d’Eau and FNAC Etoile.

Arman, who is a member of the WPPI, strives to create photos that accurately and artistically capture the spirit of an event. He lives in Paris with his family and is just five kilometers from the Eiffel Tower, but he continues to travel around the world to produce amazing work for his valued clients. He regularly shoots weddings in Paris but has worked on weddings in Dubai and many other far-flung locales.

Throughout his more than 20 years as a photographer, Arman has covered many important and gorgeous events, including some involving royalty and politics. He’s just as comfortable intimate events as he is covering large, lavish ones. Arman’s photojournalistic, documentary-style approach produces photos that leave his clients in awe. Although he is based in Paris, he is happy to travel to locations around the world to create beautiful photographies for his clients.


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