Why use a professional photographer?

Why use a professional photographer?

The photography jungle
Weddings, christenings, fashion shoots, portraits, events, … there are a number of important moments in personal or corporate life when capturing the moment through photography is both important and valuable. However, you first need to choose a talented photographer.
When browsing the Internet or consulting the yellow pages, you quickly realize there are countless providers in the field, not to mention those amateurs who sometimes compete with biggest and the best.

So how do you make the right choice?

This is, without doubt, a very valid question. Who should you choose to take your wedding photos, pictures of your professional salon or the birth of the latest/youngest member of your family? The answer is both simple and complex: you need to choose your photographer based on several criteria.


This is probably the first factor that comes to mind: the cost of the photographer and what you’ll get in return. Don’t judge any of them on this factor alone, however. A cheaper photographer isn’t necessarily worse and a more expensive photographer isn’t necessarily better but they can provide a completely different service.
Read through your quotes carefully so you know exactly what you’re being offered.


This is the second most important factor when choosing a professional or amateur photographer. The type of event you need a photographer for is a one-off so if the photographs are ruined it will be impossible to replace them.
You should always know what a photographer specializes in and does best. To do this, go to their website and have a look at their photos and portfolio. A good photographer should really have a good eye, expertise and talent and, above all, a creative instinct. You need to find the photographer that suits you best for what you want to achieve.
For example, when you look a the picture below, you get an idea of the photographer’s talent, in this case, Arman Molavi. Better still, take a look at all of his photo galleries and have a look at a few more examples from his pictures.
Four Seasons Hotel Paris

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, check out his “Unusual Wedding” gallery. If, on the other hand, you want a corporate photographer, have a look through the “Corporate and Events” gallery.

Equipment and mobility

One of the other elements to look at is the equipment used by the provider.
Does this consist of top of the range, modern devices or are they ancient ?

Are the photos digital or film?

Also, what are the working constraints and mobility of your photographer? Will they stay with you during the whole event or just for part of it? Will they sort the photos and retouch them as necessary??

Talk with your photographer

Last but not least, here’s a point that’s regularly forgotten: you need to talk things over with your prospective photographer. It’s true to say that a good photographer must understand you and be flexible to meet your needs. They should answer your questions and advise you throughout the process.

To summarize, there must be a spark between you to achieve the best possible photographs.