Arman Molavi
Photographer Paris

There is a lot of wedding photographers in Paris. But the good ones are difficult to find. Only a few one are able to capture someone's attention and beauty. Arman Molavi is a professional photographer based in Paris. He also carry out successful exhibition in the United States, France and Italy. He is a well known French Photographer. Arman Molavi is definitely the photographer you need to immortalize the most import moments of your life in Paris, one of the most beautiful city in the World.

Senser of Glanes, sensor A glance tells a story; your story but also that of your close relations who are going to share with you this founding moment of your life. To seize all the strong moments of your marriage, it is to know how to get the fleeting glances, that have to remain "unforgettable" …
Sensor of atmospheres, all the details of decoration, the atmospheres which you take great care to organize are so many personal touches of your marriage; they are as a signature of this event … My work will attempt to glorify them, because, on this big day, everything owes to be perfect!
Arman Molavi is a Paris-based photographer with an exciting approach to wedding photography that clients adore. His refreshingly modern technique has earned him many accolades and credentials to match his considerable experience. His work exemplifies a natural, photojournalistic approach to photography that leaves his clients in awe. There's no denying that Arman's creative photographic technique is responsible for his career-long success. However, with over 20 years of experience and a diverse knowledge base that spans the fields of fashion, fine art, and corporate photography, his high level of expertise sets him apart from others in his field. Further, he has had the honor of exhibiting his work in prominent venues such as Le Jardin du Luxembourg, Galerie Municipale du Chateau d'Eau and FNAC Etoile. His talent, professionalism and availability provide him with the opportunity to work on projects in various locations in France as well as around the world. Arman has often traveled great distances to photograph events in locales as exotic as Dubai. However, he frequently shoots weddings in Paris, where he resides with his family a short distance from the Eiffel Tower. No matter where the venue is set, Arman is ever happy to provide his signature photojournalistic flair to produce awe-inspiring wedding photographs that his clients can cherish for years to come.

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